Don’t we all just love a splash of color to our outfits! This vintage floral dress is my to go to outfit for a fun casual look. I wore mine in two different ways.

Lets get to it. Yes?

A Vintage Soul

In this look, I was going for a complete fun vintage feel. I pared up the floral dress with an envelope bag and a double ring belt, This brought life to the outfit!

As of the shoes, a pair of laced up court heels never goes wrong. And yes, just to be extra I wore them with socks on!

Floral & Denim

Oxford shoes and denim to the rescue!

For a more chilled outgoing look, I ditched the heels and rocked one of my fav shoes, oxfords! (It must be an obsession to be honest.) And spiced it up with an over sized denim jacket and a kiondo handbag ( sisal bag). This is an ultimate Saturday outfit, very comfy and makes it easy to stroll around 😊.

Comfort at its best!



Floral and Denim Vs A vintage Soul? Which one describes you best?

Lets talk, Yes 🙂


With Love