Greetings to all my bold ones. Hope you are all doing well and are all in good health. Yes?

 Just a quick one. Have you ever had that one thing that always appears in your “resolutions” repeatedly but you never seem to get it done? Well I have! And it’s reading books. I used to have this friend and I could swear her head is a library, she inspires me a lot and I’m glad to say somehow I managed to finish a book. Anyway I am not here to talk about how I read a book (as much as am so proud of it lol) but the effect the content had on me.

The book I am talking about is “Who Moved My Cheese?” Yes I know, probably you read it when you were in primary or something, but hey this book is rich!!

It has four characters: “Haw and Hem” the little people and “Sniff and Scurry” the mice. They all spent time in a maze looking for their own special cheese. They used to wake up early in the morning, put on their running shoes in search for Cheese, which they eventually found in the corridors of Cheese section C. Haw & Hem became too comfortable to an extent of moving their homes even closer to the cheese. Sniff and Scurry on the other hand enjoyed the cheese but never got too comfortable with the environment. As days passed, the amount of cheese reduced on a daily and eventually it was no longer there. The situation never got Sniff and Scurry by surprise for they paid attention and moved on to look for more cheese. Hem and Haw on the other hand got angry claiming their cheese was moved. Instead of making a move, all they did was rant and go back to Section C, hoping that whoever moved their cheese would put it back. The wait led to frustration, anger and hunger. Haw snapped out of his fears and went back to the maze to look for cheese while Hem stayed behind refusing to face the fact that the cheese was no longer there.


As you might have already figured,the cheese in this case refers to change. The four characters on the other hand are the categories of people when it comes to adapting to change. Sniff was able to sniff out the situation and see the change early. Scurry on the other hand was fast to get in action. Haw & Hem were afraid of change; they contemplate rather than taking action. Most of us tend to be reluctant to change and we might not even be aware of it. I experienced this fast hand! After my undergraduate, I had this picture of how I will get a job, move out, change my wardrobe, travel the world… to my surprise, getting a job was a STRUGGLE! Heh! Let us not even revoke those memories. In a world where the society has dictated how life is supposed to be, I felt like I was failing. I spent so much time in self-pity. Wondering what it was that I did wrong. Complaining about how there are no opportunities blah blah blah. I took myself too seriously not giving myself a chance to appreciate what is in front of me. It took time before I realized no one had time to listen to the mambo jumbo I had to say and actually do something about it. I realized it is safer to search in the maze than remain in the cheese-less situations. The quicker you let go of the Old Cheese the sooner you find the new cheese.


The Cheese theory comes in handy when it comes to solving conflict with our partners and loved ones as well. Often than not we opt to run away when things get tough. We seek the easy way out claiming it’s mentally exhausting. If you refer your current relation with your family, friends or loved ones to be old cheese (that even has some mold on it) the first move should not always be to let go. I think what we really need to do is let go of the behavior that is the cause of our bad relationships. We all know repeating the same behavior will just get you the same results. Find the new cheese in a new relationship with the same person is the way to go.

In work situations as well, maybe instead of changing jobs, we should change the way we are doing the job. No? let’s move on to a better way of thinking and acting.

On that note, which character describes you? Hem, Haw, Scurry or Sniff?   


Lets Talk!

With Love.