“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress,” ~ Hubert de Givenchy


Well, we all have a friend like this. Heads turn as she walks down the street (literally! they turn!) and she leaves a scent of perfume in her wake. Her nails are perfectly manicured.  Her diamond studs are small enough to be real but large enough to be noticed. Wondering how some women always look so pulled together? Wonder no more! 

Knowing your body shape is all it takes. If you wish to dress well, you need to dress with your body shape in mind. 
This is the foundation of great style and effortless elegance. It brings about comfort and self confidence.  You really do not need to be super wealthy to look good. Find what works well with your body and portrays your character and leave the rest to fate. We will be here drooling off the aura of sophistication you leave behind!
You had the power all along dear. You are all it takes! Lets break necks ladies!
Thanks for Stopping by.
With Love.